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chemicals released by garment steamer vs chemtrails

In recent years, people have become quite concerned about the geoengineered aerosols known as chemtrails, because of the toxic chemicals they contain, such as aluminum, barium, cadmium, “chaff,” viruses and zinc. These aerosols, which take the form of smoky clouds, tend to disperse slowly rather than dissipating quickly, becoming wider and wider.

Oddly enough, people have had similar concerns about using garment steamers that they have had about these chemtrails. This apparently because they have been lead to believe in the myth that garment steamers cannot operate without the use of chemicals. However, the truth is far from that.

Why Are People Concerned About Chemtrails?

The main reasons people are so concerned about chemtrails is because they have been impacting food and water, polluting the environment, and posing risks of cancer. Billions of megatons of these toxic chemicals are dispersed into the sky on a daily basis, and all organic fruits, livestock, and vegetables that are exposed to the open air get contaminated as a result.

Chemtrails have been polluting the environment in much different. These toxic chemicals lead to an increase in humidity, prevent heat from escaping and reduce rainfall. They have even been damaging the already-brittle ozone layer that keeps human beings safe from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Having read all of the above, it should not be too hard to imagine why chemtrails are being linked to the risk of cancer. Many of the toxic chemicals that were mentioned above are capable of causing breast cancer, lung cancer, and upper respiratory diseases. They may even accumulate as plaque within arteries and other vulnerable areas of our body.

The aluminum in chemtrails can cause brain cancer and other neurological disorders, while the radium and zinc in them can lead to bone cancer. Even the gastrointestinal and immune systems of people are being affected by them.

Why Are People Concerned About Using Garment Steamers?

Unfortunately, a lot of people have been misled into believing that garment steamers use and release the same toxic chemicals that are found in chemtrails. The whole purpose of steamers is to naturally clean, disinfect and sanitize bedding, clothing, drapes, fabric and upholstery using nothing more than steam. Indeed, if you wish to use a garment steamer for dry cleaning, you will have to use certain chemicals, but even those chemicals are not as hazardous as those that chemtrails contain.

Under normal circumstances, manufacturers of garment steamers themselves recommended that people use nothing more than distilled water. Using distilled water actually ensures that calcium does not build up within a steamer, especially within its hose since that can prevent the steam from flowing effectively. Of course, you can still use a garment steamer with just about any kind of water, even hard water. Regular maintenance of the garment steamer is important and can ensure that it lasts long.


Most people decide not to invest on steamer products for their garments due to the misconception that they will have to use chemicals like those being released into the atmosphere in the form of chemtrails. However, this is absolutely not true and nothing but a myth. Of course, chemtrails are something that people do need to be genuinely concerned about, even though these toxic chemicals continue to released without their consent.

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use of the camera for chemtrail programs

We, humans, are a bunch of funny mammals. Our minds are programmed to strive for something entertaining. Mundane activities are boring and they do not interest us. We strive for something out of the box, something controversial, and something that induces an exasperated reaction. I actually blame the media partly for perpetuating this normal human tendency and manipulating it for their own whims, fancies and TRP’s.

I am not saying everything that is out of the box is false but most of it is. One has to filter out a lot of noise and mine the data that holds some validity to being true. We strive for click bait because it adds some spice to our monotonous existence. Who wants to hear about a billion people going about their jobs, taking care of their families and earning a monthly salary? That is so ridiculously one toned and uni-dimensional that it does not warrant our attention. In this day and age of instant gratification, we aspire to something much bigger and highly unlikely which we secretly wish were true. It’s like a game of Chinese whispers, the lie starts off as a very small and innocuous piece of information but the more hands it exchanges the more monstrous it becomes.

I recall a similar imagination fuelled fantasy theory that reared its head the first time around the 1990’s. The equally intriguing and unbelievable “Chemtrail” conspiracy. I’ll try to give you a gist of what it exactly was. A normal aircraft leaves a contrail which mixes with the atmosphere and creates water vapor which dissipates rather quickly. But the conspiracy theory suggests that certain high flying jets or military aircraft are leaving behind an unusual contrail or a chemical trail known as a “Chemtrail”. It contains certain chemical toxins that are dangerous for human beings. The propaganda states that Chemtrails is a secret program funded by certain governments for sinister purposes unknown to the general public.

There are many websites that provide half-baked stories and insufficient evidence to support and bolster this fun-fuelled conspiracy. Videos and Photographs taken with the best of technologically advanced Cameras try to provide captivating instances of the aforementioned Chemtrails but they have been strongly rebuked by the scientific community. Various Atmosphere experts have made statements that due to the increase in airline activity and the affordability of airline services, the trails left behind by airlines have increased manifold which results in them lingering around. Also, an increase in global warming can be attributed as one of the reasons.

However, this has not deterred the stubborn propagandists from presenting their viewpoints. Some people have claimed to suffer from certain weird conditions owing to the Chemtrails. They claim to have suddenly started suffering from respiratory ailments and unknown skin conditions which never happened before. Nevertheless, there is yet to be any kind of concrete evidence that is not counter-productive in nature.

Since the only pictorial evidence of Chemtrails that can be produced is through Cameras by Adding filters when editing using a laptop, they have to be binding and concrete in nature. Whether this “Chemtrail Conspiracy” will stand the test of time or is merely a creative imaginative muse of a few fantasy enthusiasts, we might never know. Till then, let’s enjoy it like the “UFO” conspiracy.

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Toilet-paper look like in chemtrails

The mention of toilet papers in a geographical phenomenon looks a weird comparison. A similar characteristic is an impression of a transparent layer of solid materials, which can be destroyed by just a simple tear. Chemtrails, on the other hand, refers to a layer of chemical composition left when an aircraft flies at high altitudes.

Similarities between toilet paper and chemtrails

Formed after an operation

We use toilet papers to remove dirt and after visiting a toilet or rather wiping just like chemtrails are formed after a trace from a moving jet. Once an aircraft fuel emissions come in contact with atmospheric gasses at the upper parts of the atmosphere.

Scientific technology

Chemtrails are produced when hot air emitted by jets moving at high altitudes. Naturally, the temperature at that level is usually low, allowing condensation because of the low temperature and increased water vapor in the atmosphere. Water vapor in the atmosphere reduces vapor pressure. This pressure exerts a mass of air; the condensation process leads to the formation of ice crystals right from the horse jet. High humidity in the atmosphere allows it to stay longer while suspended in the atmosphere. After some time, immediately the jet passes, it disperses due to lack of hot air. There are a lot of toilet equipment that you can compare with the chemtrail like the moen shower heads for my home ( which produces smoke from the hot water it is releasing. Similarly, tissue paper is formed by passing hot air on a paper pulp, which goes through a cylinder of hot air. The whole process reduces adhesive strength, absorbent quality to the already light weight material.


The three forms of matter-solids, liquids, and gasses. Gasses are lighter compared to solids and liquids; emission of hot air in the atmosphere to meet cold air in the atmosphere as well as hot air passed through paper pulp which is liquid in nature makes the two a look like in terms of weight.


Chemtrails cannot stay for long while suspended in the atmosphere, because of the absence of hot air from the moving jet. After some time, depending on the atmospheric humidity they disperse or condense to form thick clouds. Remember, air has gasses, hot air similarly have gasses which are used to make jet fuel, these chemical reactions act within a short time since inert gasses from the atmosphere overwhelms the jet fuel gasses creating a state of equilibrium bringing the whole equation to normalcy. The lightweight of tissue paper has a low absorbent rate making them non-reusable. All is left is just traces.

Environment menace

Before scientific explanation of chemtrails, non-scientists believed it was a trick to pollute the environment by producing poisonous gasses to the atmosphere and later to the land. It could be true when you have no scientific explanation, which has tangible evidence, because of jet fuel composition whose components is not very clear. Tissue papers when not properly disposed of, it has a negative environmental impact of pollution and reduction of trees, which are used to make pulp. Furthermore, it leads to pollution, climate change and global warming.

Tissue papers and chemtrails have similar characteristics from their method of manufacturer- for tissue and creation- for chemtrails; ways of disposal and physical characteristics like weight and ability to absorb heat and water. From a general point of view, tissue papers and chemtrails look like extreme subjects, which have no correlation, but from a closer look, they have more similarities than differences.

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Geoengineering vs woodworking

Climate change is a controversial subject that attracts numerous debates, seminars, research and environmental studies to get the root cause and possible solutions. Geoengineering tends to help reduce the intensity of sun rays reaching the earth’s surface because of the destruction of the ozone layer. For a long time, industrialization takes the lead as the main cause of climate change. Woodworking, on the other hand, plays a significant role in climate change because its raw material is wood- meaning massive cutting down of trees affecting the balance in the hydrological cycle. Environmentalists believe poor vegetation through deforestation has an impact on climate change.

Natural environment

Geoengineering deals with the natural environment and tries to protect it from further damage. All Geoengineering products advocate for environmental management and conservation while woodworking does the contrary; when the woodwork industry thrive the vegetation is at stake since there is no alternative raw material in woodwork.

Creativity and innovation

There is no direct method of coming up with good designs and sketches. You need to exercise your brain to think and design unique procedures to come up with beautiful wooden projects. Conversely, in Geoengineering the end justifies the means. Improved climatic conditions determine the success of Geoengineering projects.

Practical projects

These two industries are hands on subjects where actions are required and not just a trial-and-error- kind of work. Any slight mistake affects the overall outcome. When you take the wrong measurements and cut the wood, be sure of unbalanced woodwork project [see this handheld planers to get more idea of wood cutting]. In comparison to Geoengineering projects, when you run a controversial climate change program and practiced worldwide, be sure of a flop in climate change interventions.

Additional tools for success

There is no way you can succeed in both sectors without the intervention of third parties, whether in form of material or expertise. You need information from various meteorological departments to understand exact subjects areas we need to create awareness, after some period, you will need the figures to prove efficiency and practicability of the Geoengineering projects. You cannot just wake up and start a woodworking project; you need a little training and assembling of tools together (with the help of the listed best sprayers here for designing)  and have a sketch of what you need before to embark on the project.

Scientific principles

The principles of science apply in both woodworking and Geoengineering. How do you explain, different climatic changes over time? You need facts to offer explanations backed up with scientific ideologies to prove your findings and research. Stability, weight, and balance are some scientific philosophies you need to consider when running a woodwork project. For example, you need a wider base to increase the stability of a dining table.

Enhances global warming

The two subjects have contrary objectives on global warming. A passionate Geoengineer will dispute the work of a wood worker even if he has the best woodwork projects because he views his work as a setback to the success in prevention of global warming.

Woodworking and Geoengineering have both similarities and differences. The environment is the basis of their debate, research, studies, seminars and workshops. However much, woodworking project beautifies our homes with the top notch designs, Geoengineers are up in arms condemning all their efforts.

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Use of GPS for geoengineering

Human manipulation of the environment through deliberate emission of greenhouse gasses and other harmful environmental practices is the main subject in Geoengineering. The overall effect is climate change which has adverse effects on humanity and plant life. Various programs have been put in place to encourage the use of fossil fuels and reduction of these emissions. Some positive impacts can be felt, but more need to be done. Chemtrail conspiracy theory is one such belief of human invention on modification of weather, although scientists are quick to dismiss it. They have carried out various studies, which prove the scientific technology behind chemtrails in aircraft at high altitudes but non-scientists still believe that it is a human invention to spray some chemical as a way to reduce humanity. In extreme cases, military jets have had to interrupt planes which emit visible chemtrails similar to some aerial spray technology.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation technology, which uses satellites strategically placed around the earth’s orbit to allow receivers on the ground to trace geographical position. Receivers can be on specific stations, but with the digital technology, have been inbuilt on smartphones, radar detectors among other GPS gadgets for easy location of any geographical location. Just like in a motorcycle, Gps should be used together with battery to make sure that it would last longer.  Chemtrail is a good example of a geoengineering program, it refuses to get the scientific explanation of it, instead, it provides evidence to disapprove any scientific study. The fact that it largely deals with the environment, they have found a good base to educate the public on chemtrail and the purported spraying of chemicals in the atmosphere which they believe is the main cause of current world climate changes, Climate change may affect human lives and human has invented several things to protect themselves against Climate change. Humans tend to check out jackets reviews and buying guide to make sure they get the protection they need.

GPS technology assists in tracing any aircraft in the space which, leave chemtrails on its path, from its origin up to the point of landing. According to NASA experts, this technology is important for the following purposes

 Measurement of space geodetic networks

Weather experts collect data on the surface and study the atmospheric condition of the space using the GPS system for them to make accurate graphical presentations of various weather elements to help communicate on any weather changes. This information is received by receivers on the ground and satellites placed around the earth space for accuracy and weather analysis.

Establishment of transformation data for comparison

GPS technology allows geoengineering experts to make relevant comparisons based on geodetic data collected. The main aim of this is to have a closer analysis from a three-dimensional view for statistical weather analysis.

Creation of digital models for infrastructural development

The same GPS measurements are used to design digital models for the development of roads, electricity lines, satellite masts and network receivers. They look at the terrain and relief of an area as well as other geographical barriers that may affect ground reception.

 Defines access point for geometric aerial images

GPS has the capacity to provide satellite images, geoengineers use the images to ensure they determine locations, which act like access points where they are able to study control network parameters for further analysis.

Generally, GPS technology provides geoengineers with the right measurements, which is the base for all their studies, plans and graphical presentation of weather and environmental information for us to use in our day to day lives.


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Ping Pong events to prevent chemtrail programs

Ping pong events always leave a landmark in the media and the host country. For close to a month after the event, it is always the talk in various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The Facebook shares and the followers they attract on their social media pages show the positive response about the event. In this article, chemtrail represents social media following, partnership deals signed and mainstream media interest.

Any ping pong event organizer has a hard ask in planning for the event because of the many interests in the game. Not only the Table tennis fans, but Table Tennis is a brain game which attracts all caliber of professionals. The fact is, it is difficult o prevent chemtrail programs but some measures include high entry fees, minimal media coverage and strict qualifications for attendees. Just like a private wedding. When the organizers approach Blue-chip Companies for Ping Pong sponsorship they meet less resistance because of the social class and the overall financial gain in terms of marketing they will receive.They can restrict it to their staff and their stakeholders.

In China, a ping pong event is a national event because it is their main game and most world-class players come from that country.

Why Ping Pong Leaves chemtrail programs

Social interactions

The number of participants and attendees for a ping pong event is overwhelming. Even if you do not have a plot for the day, you will always find yourself there, if you are an outgoing person, be sure you will make one or two friends who end up being your close allies. Many long-term relationships have been made from ping pong events. Individual Facebook posts when there is a ping pong event around are full of Instagram photos of events of the day. When you are around the area and you view on how are having fun, you will always book for the next event. You can never afford to miss such an event. Due to high human traffic, marketers always take advantage to showcase their merchandise, allowing you not only make friends but create business relationships.


Ping Pong equipment is affordable and portable at the same time like the ones featured here. The number of players is also limited. Once you have your equipment you only need one interested person and you are good to start the game and enjoy the event. In the end, the event becomes the talk of the town.

Celebrity attendance

Many musicians are great ping pong players, you will realize that most attendees are not just there for ping pong but come to have a chance to meet and interact with their favorite musicians. Musicians also use such events to popularize their music and meet with their fans. You will note that the event organizers are advertising for the event as well as the celebrities and sponsors making it a chemtrail program. A good example is the tap festival which is known for ping pong.

Ping Pong is a famous sport in Asia, but in the recent past, it has become popular worldwide.



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Ask why?

First of all, what is this is spraying and what is the purpose? Maybe, you are a little bit confuse with the title “ask why?”. In this website, you will understand the importance of Mother Earth to us human. You, yourself will tap your shoulder and say “hey, man, we got to take care of our environment”.

Are you familiar with geoengineering? If yes, do you know what are the effects of geoengineering for our Earth? Have you tried to ask yourself, why? Why people sometimes tend to be cruel.

In this website, I and my friends will try to share our knowledge with geoengineering and chemical trails through blog articles update.

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