chemicals released by garment steamer vs chemtrails

In recent years, people have become quite concerned about the geoengineered aerosols known as chemtrails, because of the toxic chemicals they contain, such as aluminum, barium, cadmium, “chaff,” viruses and zinc. These aerosols, which take the form of smoky clouds, tend to disperse slowly rather than dissipating quickly, becoming wider and wider.

Oddly enough, people have had similar concerns about using garment steamers that they have had about these chemtrails. This apparently because they have been lead to believe in the myth that garment steamers cannot operate without the use of chemicals. However, the truth is far from that.

Why Are People Concerned About Chemtrails?

The main reasons people are so concerned about chemtrails is because they have been impacting food and water, polluting the environment, and posing risks of cancer. Billions of megatons of these toxic chemicals are dispersed into the sky on a daily basis, and all organic fruits, livestock, and vegetables that are exposed to the open air get contaminated as a result.

Chemtrails have been polluting the environment in much different. These toxic chemicals lead to an increase in humidity, prevent heat from escaping and reduce rainfall. They have even been damaging the already-brittle ozone layer that keeps human beings safe from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Having read all of the above, it should not be too hard to imagine why chemtrails are being linked to the risk of cancer. Many of the toxic chemicals that were mentioned above are capable of causing breast cancer, lung cancer, and upper respiratory diseases. They may even accumulate as plaque within arteries and other vulnerable areas of our body.

The aluminum in chemtrails can cause brain cancer and other neurological disorders, while the radium and zinc in them can lead to bone cancer. Even the gastrointestinal and immune systems of people are being affected by them.

Why Are People Concerned About Using Garment Steamers?

Unfortunately, a lot of people have been misled into believing that garment steamers use and release the same toxic chemicals that are found in chemtrails. The whole purpose of steamers is to naturally clean, disinfect and sanitize bedding, clothing, drapes, fabric and upholstery using nothing more than steam. Indeed, if you wish to use a garment steamer for dry cleaning, you will have to use certain chemicals, but even those chemicals are not as hazardous as those that chemtrails contain.

Under normal circumstances, manufacturers of garment steamers themselves recommended that people use nothing more than distilled water. Using distilled water actually ensures that calcium does not build up within a steamer, especially within its hose since that can prevent the steam from flowing effectively. Of course, you can still use a garment steamer with just about any kind of water, even hard water. Regular maintenance of the garment steamer is important and can ensure that it lasts long.


Most people decide not to invest on steamer products for their garments due to the misconception that they will have to use chemicals like those being released into the atmosphere in the form of chemtrails. However, this is absolutely not true and nothing but a myth. Of course, chemtrails are something that people do need to be genuinely concerned about, even though these toxic chemicals continue to released without their consent.

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