Congratulations on a job superbly done! My wife was a skeptic when I started telling her about the chemtrails almost 2 years ago. She works for ***** Health Services in Mental Health where the doctors, nurses, and HCA’s are all taught that if someone starts talking about things like chemtrails (it’s on the list!) they are “crazy”. After I asked her to sit for a minute, I pressed play on your full-length documentary. To put it short, I couldn’t pull her away, I had to rewind a bunch of parts over and over, and to say it short, you’ve all educated another human being that was a former skeptic, and I thank you…..I’m asking everyone I know to please do themselves and their families a favor and watch Why In The World Are They Spraying?….. God Bless EVERYONE who contributed in the making and distribution of this documentary. What a phenomenal work! THANK YOU ALL!!



Simply awesome…”Why Are They Spraying!” My partner has ordered DVD’s and we are going to canvas Flagler County (Palm Coast), FL.

Thank you for delivering such a powerful documentary that speaks to the heart of all people on the planet Earth.

Awareness is the first step…I found that our town mayor was angry and demanding answers. Next I furnished him with contacts and information. Fear followed by anger seems to be the pattern of emotions that form roadblocks. However, like you, I have strong faith and know that we are part of the global awakening that God is stirring.

It is my heart’s felt desire to offer assistance…to be part of the solution and spread the message round the world.

Well done Michael and may God Bless you and keep you,
Kathy Pinkerton
(freelance writer)

PS My partner, Tom Rochford, has connected with a very powerful multi-facetted businessman who has a personal dedication to clean air, the valuable resource —water, and healthy safe food. He canceled all calls and meetings in order to review “Why in the World are They Spraying.” This gentleman has pledged support and is contacting his intimate world wide business network to address geo engineering through their combined clout. I will keep you posted on their progress…these are extremely powerful men.