Toilet-paper look like in chemtrails

The mention of toilet papers in a geographical phenomenon looks a weird comparison. A similar characteristic is an impression of a transparent layer of solid materials, which can be destroyed by just a simple tear. Chemtrails, on the other hand, refers to a layer of chemical composition left when an aircraft flies at high altitudes.

Similarities between toilet paper and chemtrails

Formed after an operation

We use toilet papers to remove dirt and after visiting a toilet or rather wiping just like chemtrails are formed after a trace from a moving jet. Once an aircraft fuel emissions come in contact with atmospheric gasses at the upper parts of the atmosphere.

Scientific technology

Chemtrails are produced when hot air emitted by jets moving at high altitudes. Naturally, the temperature at that level is usually low, allowing condensation because of the low temperature and increased water vapor in the atmosphere. Water vapor in the atmosphere reduces vapor pressure. This pressure exerts a mass of air; the condensation process leads to the formation of ice crystals right from the horse jet. High humidity in the atmosphere allows it to stay longer while suspended in the atmosphere. After some time, immediately the jet passes, it disperses due to lack of hot air. There are a lot of toilet equipment that you can compare with the chemtrail like the moen shower heads for my home ( which produces smoke from the hot water it is releasing. Similarly, tissue paper is formed by passing hot air on a paper pulp, which goes through a cylinder of hot air. The whole process reduces adhesive strength, absorbent quality to the already light weight material.


The three forms of matter-solids, liquids, and gasses. Gasses are lighter compared to solids and liquids; emission of hot air in the atmosphere to meet cold air in the atmosphere as well as hot air passed through paper pulp which is liquid in nature makes the two a look like in terms of weight.


Chemtrails cannot stay for long while suspended in the atmosphere, because of the absence of hot air from the moving jet. After some time, depending on the atmospheric humidity they disperse or condense to form thick clouds. Remember, air has gasses, hot air similarly have gasses which are used to make jet fuel, these chemical reactions act within a short time since inert gasses from the atmosphere overwhelms the jet fuel gasses creating a state of equilibrium bringing the whole equation to normalcy. The lightweight of tissue paper has a low absorbent rate making them non-reusable. All is left is just traces.

Environment menace

Before scientific explanation of chemtrails, non-scientists believed it was a trick to pollute the environment by producing poisonous gasses to the atmosphere and later to the land. It could be true when you have no scientific explanation, which has tangible evidence, because of jet fuel composition whose components is not very clear. Tissue papers when not properly disposed of, it has a negative environmental impact of pollution and reduction of trees, which are used to make pulp. Furthermore, it leads to pollution, climate change and global warming.

Tissue papers and chemtrails have similar characteristics from their method of manufacturer- for tissue and creation- for chemtrails; ways of disposal and physical characteristics like weight and ability to absorb heat and water. From a general point of view, tissue papers and chemtrails look like extreme subjects, which have no correlation, but from a closer look, they have more similarities than differences.

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