Use of GPS for geoengineering

Human manipulation of the environment through deliberate emission of greenhouse gasses and other harmful environmental practices is the main subject in Geoengineering. The overall effect is climate change which has adverse effects on humanity and plant life. Various programs have been put in place to encourage the use of fossil fuels and reduction of these emissions. Some positive impacts can be felt, but more need to be done. Chemtrail conspiracy theory is one such belief of human invention on modification of weather, although scientists are quick to dismiss it. They have carried out various studies, which prove the scientific technology behind chemtrails in aircraft at high altitudes but non-scientists still believe that it is a human invention to spray some chemical as a way to reduce humanity. In extreme cases, military jets have had to interrupt planes which emit visible chemtrails similar to some aerial spray technology.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation technology, which uses satellites strategically placed around the earth’s orbit to allow receivers on the ground to trace geographical position. Receivers can be on specific stations, but with the digital technology, have been inbuilt on smartphones, radar detectors among other GPS gadgets for easy location of any geographical location. Just like in a motorcycle, Gps should be used together with battery to make sure that it would last longer.  Chemtrail is a good example of a geoengineering program, it refuses to get the scientific explanation of it, instead, it provides evidence to disapprove any scientific study. The fact that it largely deals with the environment, they have found a good base to educate the public on chemtrail and the purported spraying of chemicals in the atmosphere which they believe is the main cause of current world climate changes, Climate change may affect human lives and human has invented several things to protect themselves against Climate change. Humans tend to check out jackets reviews and buying guide to make sure they get the protection they need.

GPS technology assists in tracing any aircraft in the space which, leave chemtrails on its path, from its origin up to the point of landing. According to NASA experts, this technology is important for the following purposes

 Measurement of space geodetic networks

Weather experts collect data on the surface and study the atmospheric condition of the space using the GPS system for them to make accurate graphical presentations of various weather elements to help communicate on any weather changes. This information is received by receivers on the ground and satellites placed around the earth space for accuracy and weather analysis.

Establishment of transformation data for comparison

GPS technology allows geoengineering experts to make relevant comparisons based on geodetic data collected. The main aim of this is to have a closer analysis from a three-dimensional view for statistical weather analysis.

Creation of digital models for infrastructural development

The same GPS measurements are used to design digital models for the development of roads, electricity lines, satellite masts and network receivers. They look at the terrain and relief of an area as well as other geographical barriers that may affect ground reception.

 Defines access point for geometric aerial images

GPS has the capacity to provide satellite images, geoengineers use the images to ensure they determine locations, which act like access points where they are able to study control network parameters for further analysis.

Generally, GPS technology provides geoengineers with the right measurements, which is the base for all their studies, plans and graphical presentation of weather and environmental information for us to use in our day to day lives.


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