use of the camera for chemtrail programs

We, humans, are a bunch of funny mammals. Our minds are programmed to strive for something entertaining. Mundane activities are boring and they do not interest us. We strive for something out of the box, something controversial, and something that induces an exasperated reaction. I actually blame the media partly for perpetuating this normal human tendency and manipulating it for their own whims, fancies and TRP’s.

I am not saying everything that is out of the box is false but most of it is. One has to filter out a lot of noise and mine the data that holds some validity to being true. We strive for click bait because it adds some spice to our monotonous existence. Who wants to hear about a billion people going about their jobs, taking care of their families and earning a monthly salary? That is so ridiculously one toned and uni-dimensional that it does not warrant our attention. In this day and age of instant gratification, we aspire to something much bigger and highly unlikely which we secretly wish were true. It’s like a game of Chinese whispers, the lie starts off as a very small and innocuous piece of information but the more hands it exchanges the more monstrous it becomes.

I recall a similar imagination fuelled fantasy theory that reared its head the first time around the 1990’s. The equally intriguing and unbelievable “Chemtrail” conspiracy. I’ll try to give you a gist of what it exactly was. A normal aircraft leaves a contrail which mixes with the atmosphere and creates water vapor which dissipates rather quickly. But the conspiracy theory suggests that certain high flying jets or military aircraft are leaving behind an unusual contrail or a chemical trail known as a “Chemtrail”. It contains certain chemical toxins that are dangerous for human beings. The propaganda states that Chemtrails is a secret program funded by certain governments for sinister purposes unknown to the general public.

There are many websites that provide half-baked stories and insufficient evidence to support and bolster this fun-fuelled conspiracy. Videos and Photographs taken with the best of technologically advanced Cameras try to provide captivating instances of the aforementioned Chemtrails but they have been strongly rebuked by the scientific community. Various Atmosphere experts have made statements that due to the increase in airline activity and the affordability of airline services, the trails left behind by airlines have increased manifold which results in them lingering around. Also, an increase in global warming can be attributed as one of the reasons.

However, this has not deterred the stubborn propagandists from presenting their viewpoints. Some people have claimed to suffer from certain weird conditions owing to the Chemtrails. They claim to have suddenly started suffering from respiratory ailments and unknown skin conditions which never happened before. Nevertheless, there is yet to be any kind of concrete evidence that is not counter-productive in nature.

Since the only pictorial evidence of Chemtrails that can be produced is through Cameras by Adding filters when editing using a laptop, they have to be binding and concrete in nature. Whether this “Chemtrail Conspiracy” will stand the test of time or is merely a creative imaginative muse of a few fantasy enthusiasts, we might never know. Till then, let’s enjoy it like the “UFO” conspiracy.

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